A multiplayer game known as "Gorilla Tag " requires players to brand their opponents with a virtual "gorilla" to have them eliminated. A variety of environments, including natural and urban, are suitable for playing the game, and it is possible to personalize the avatars and power-ups.
Gorilla Tag is distinguished by its action-packed and rapid-fire combat. In addition to attempting to avoid being tagged themselves, players must consistently be on the watch for adversaries, which demands quick thinking and strategic reflexes. Incorporating a variety of personas and power-ups further complicates the game, enabling players to customize their approach according to their individual inclinations.

Moreover, Gorilla Tag is distinguished by its aesthetically appealing visuals. The game features well-designed and intricate environments, in addition to avatar and power-up animations that are fluid and lifelike. In addition to being well-executed, the audio design features an immersive soundscape and sound effects that elevate the gameplay experience.