Finish the puzzles in Paint Monsters.
Paint Monsters takes you on a journey to restore color to the planet. It is a casual puzzle game produced by Jam City, Inc. in which you solve problems to restore the world's brilliant hues. The puzzle game here is similar to match-3 in that you must gather at least three similarly colored and looking creatures from the board. In each level, you must collect a set number of monsters and match at least three of them to clear the board.

They must be close to one other in order to be matched. Unlike other match-3 games, identical monsters do not have to be vertically or horizontally adjacent. You can also match similar creatures even if they are diagonally adjacent. When you finish a level, you restore the color to that particular region and go to the next level. It's an entertaining and engaging game to play in your spare time. Let's go over how Paint Monsters is played at the next level so you can understand why it's worthwhile to give it a go.
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