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In short, Tinder is whatever you wish to make it. Aggressive filtering is essential – daters and one-nighters must quickly sort themselves into two groups. That process can get ugly, especially for women:

I don’t doubt a single anecdote in Sales’ article. It’s precisely what I’d expect of an interview of a handful of male models and cocky finance types in NYC.

Tinder is everything and anything. It’s whatever you want it to be. Tinder makes room for everyone young and looking. Technology is making the procurement of sex extremely efficient for the genetic gods of NYC and the women who want them for a night. If you’re in the habit of dating Ford models, beware.

For the rest of us, it couldn’t be easier to ascertain what someone is after on Tinder. Unmatch, unmatch, unmatch – swipe left. As needed.

When I started HUS in 2008, feminists were loudly proclaiming the benefits of sex-positive feminism. I wrote many posts taking issue with their claims, including How Feminism Got Drunk and Hooked up With a Loser in 2010. Shortly after that, though, the sex pozzies must have gotten a memo of their own, because suddenly feminists went silent on the topic, and the most prominent “professional sluts” largely disappeared from the scene. In 2012 Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon wrote a piece admitting that her reports of sex-positive experiences were a fraud. She’d had those sexual encounters, but they’d left her sexually unsatisfied and eventually depressed.